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Inspired by the strong belief that – “Dignity of man is the  Glory of God ” the Bishop of Galle (Most Rev. Dr. Harold Anthony Perera)  set up an organization  called  CoDeSeP  meaning Community Development Service for Plantations” to  implement projects to uplift the underprivileged people  in the Plantation Sector in the Southern Province and  to  restore their lost Dignity.

In February 2006,Codesep launched it very first  activitiy  namely bringing together the Educated  Youth of the Platation Sector in  the Province  and making them aware of theier resposiblity towards their own Community.As a result 22 of them who had  education upto Advansed Level  joined Codesep as Volunteer Teachers.They were given a small amount of allowance ,which was made possible  by the generocity of  two Jesuit Priests Rev.Fr.Steffenetzie  and Rev.Fr.Maria Anthony.

Mean while His Lordship Most Rev. Dr.Harold Anthony Perera ,the Bishop of Galle took a personal interest  and  submitted the Project Proposals  to  Caritas Belgium,who later became our main Funding Partner. With the Funds made available  by Caritas Belgium Codesep launched its  second Project  in February  2007. Though Codesep initially  included  the Estates  in the Districts of Galle  and tried to carry out some of its activities  for the first  four months ,due to so many constraints, and non availability of  persons to be full time Animators,Codesep withdrew  and limited itself to Estates Sector under the Divisional Secretariats of Kotapola,Pitabeddara,Akuressa,and Pasgoda  in  the District of Matara.

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VisionBased on the  Gospel values of Justice, Peace and  Love, a   Better Life for  the People of  the Plantations  in  the Southern Province, irrespective  of  race  and  religion

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Establishment of

A - human dignity and self respect  within  each human being of this underprivileged and marginalized sector of the Plantation People in the Southern Province.

B – the social integration of the minority Indian origin Tamils on the estates and the majority Sinhalese of the surrounding villages, with Peace and Harmony among them

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mission tamil

The Outcome of the Programme.

(1)  Improved and better life for them through Education, Awareness, Animation and Group building.

(2)  Improved Industry as a result of a duty-conscious and dedicated work force.

(3)  Improved and better citizens for the country at large.


A.  Initially

  1. 1) Selection of  dedicated  persons  from the Plantations  and training  and  animating them  as fulltime Animators and  assigning  them  with  tasks.

  2. 2) Introducing  the Project  to Individuals and Groups of persons ,connected to the life  and  work  among the plantation people –Managers ,Superintendents, Welfair supervisers, GAs, AGAs, Gramasevakas, and Officials from the Department of Education Police and Health.

  3. 3) With  the  permission of  the Estate management of each  estate, the  visits by Animators  to the Estates to collect  baseline information to formulate  plans of  action.

  4. 4) Worker-group discussions to emphasize the equal importance of duties and rights.

  5. 5) Formation of Groups.


B. Once Groups are organized

    • 1) Monthly meetings   to work out   an Action Plan for the month.

    • 2) Shramadhana,

    • 3) Literacy class for elders, and focusing on social issues like alcoholism health hazards, registering and getting Birth certificates and IDs, formation of a thrift society, leadership training, family budget, etc

    • 4) Formal and Informal  education.-such  as organizing   extra evening  classes and  periodical seminars for difficult subjects in preparation for  Year 05 Scholarship  Examination  and   the O/L & A/L Examinations

    • 5) A   scholarships for  students at   O/L & A/L

    • 6) Vocational training for the youth. to extend job opportunities.

    • 7) Competitions in sports, the arts and drama to promote Peace among Youth.

    • 8) Activities in connection with all   National and cultural Festival

    • 9) Training  the   Estate  young women  as Health  Workers

    • 10) Organizing special seminars for pregnant and young mothers.

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