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Inspired by the strong belief that – “Dignity of man is the  Glory of God ” the Bishop of Galle  set up an organization  called  CoDeSeP  meaning Community Development Service for Plantations” to  implement projects to uplift the underprivileged people  in the Plantation Sector in the Southern Province and  to  restore their lost Dignity.

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our vission - Based on the  Gospel values of Justice, Peace and  Love, a   Better Life for  the People of  the Plantations  in  the Southern Province, irrespective  of  race  and  religion

our missionEstablishment of

A - human dignity and self respect  within  each human being of this underprivileged and marginalized sector of the Plantation People in the Southern Province.

B – the social integration of the minority Indian origin Tamils on the estates and the majority Sinhalese of the surrounding villages, with Peace and Harmony among them

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Recent updates | Last Updated on 16-Jan-2017 12:38 PM


St. Joseph Vaz - Sinhala and Tamil Hymn

This hymn was composed in 2012 to celebrate the commemoration of 300 years since the birth of Blessed Joseph Vaz. 

The hymn could be sung in both Sinhala and Tamil languages in the same Melody and Meaning.

Lyrics and Music composed by Rev. Fr. Anthony Hemantha Peiris of the Diocese of Badulla.

Translated in to Tamil by Rev. Fr. Michael Rajendram Pillai of the Diocese of Galle.


Children’s day Celebrations for the Children of the Caritas SED Galle and CoDeSeP Children Societies in the Diocese of Galle.

A Children’s Day celebration for the members of the Children Societies affiliated to Caritas SED Galle and CoDeSeP  was help with cultural items by children was conducted at Dharmapala Children Park  in Galle City on 07th December 2017.
The above event was held under the patronage of His lordship Most.Rev.Raymond Wickramasinghe, the Bishop of Galle and with the participation of Hon.Hemakumara Nanayakkara, the Governor of the Southern Province, Hon. Weerasumana Weerainghe , the Minister of Youth, Sports and Very Rev.Fr.Shanthikumar Weliwita , the National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka.
More than 600  children belonging to multi ethnic and religious background  from Farming Community from Villages, Urban poor Community from Cities and Plantation Community from Estates across the Southern Province participated in the event.
Religious dignitaries of all Faiths invoked blessings over Children gathered. The event was made very colorful by the Cultural performances and Talent show by Children.


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A special Water Project at Hanford Estate in Deniyaya

A special Water Project to provide drinking water for around 60 families in the Hanford Estate at Deniyaya was implemented by CoDeSeP with the Community Participation. A total of Rs.180,420/= was spent under the “Dignified Life for Plantation People’ - DLPP Project - funded by Holy Trinity Foundation, Colombo. Each beneficiary family too contributed a sum of Rs.600/= as their mite apart from their labour.


A helping hand to Small Business Holders from the Plantation Community

Ten small business holders were assisted with a sum of Rs.20,000./= as livelihood support to improve their income generation projects. This was preceded with special sessions and trainings on improving one’s own Business.


The 10th Anniversary Celebration of CoDeSeP in the diocese of Galle…

The 10th Anniversary Celebration of CoDeSeP in the diocese of Galle was celebrated at the Auditorium of Deniyaya Central College on 09th July 2016 under the Patronage of his Lordship Raymond Wickramasinghe,the Bishop of Galle and his Lordship Harold Anthony Perera,the Founding Bishop of CoDeSeP presently serving as the Bishop of Kurunegala.

Hon. Sagala Ratnayake, the Minister of Law,Order and Southern Development and Hon.Palani Digambaram,the Minister of Up Country, New Villages, Infrastructure and Community Development were the Special Guests of Honour at the CoDeSeP 10th Anniversary at Deniyaya.
His Lordship Harold Anthony Perera, the Founder of CoDeSeP and Rev.Fr. George Sigamoney the former National Director of Caritas Sri Lanka-SEDEC were felicitated at this Anniversary Celebrations for their Committed Services towards the Plantation Community. A Souvenir in connection with the event too was published.

A large Gathering including Multi Ethnic and Religious Leaders, National and Regional Political and Community Leaders, Government Officers and well wishers was at attendance at this celebration which was made very colorful with Cultural Music,Dances and Dramas by Children and Youth of the Plantation Community at Deniyaya.

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National Consultation on Social Issues of Plantation Community-04th April 2016

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Visit to Evening class at Kurulugala Estate,Deniyaya-01st April 2016

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Handing over Roof sheets at Hanford Estate-01st April 2016

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Bishop Raymond at a Ceremony to hand over Certifcates to Plantation Youth

Handing over Certificates for the Plantation Youth after their successful completion of the Training in Computer Literacy and Tailoring was organized under the patronage of his Lordship, Bishop Raymond Wickramasinghe at the CoDeSeP Auditorium.

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Women's Day at Deniyaya


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Bishop Raymond Visits to Schools in Deniyaya


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1st working day at CoDeSeP

1st working day at CoDeSeP, Deniyaya after Christmas Holidays. Both the Field and Office Staff along with volunteers were present.

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Farewell to Sr.Sagila
Rev.Sr. Sagila FFM, after serving the Plantation Community in the Southern Province, said good bye to the diocese of Galle during the Christmas party for the Staff of SED Galle & CoDeSeP. His lordship and the Director praised her for committed service in the diocese.


Codesep children group member elected as a member of children parliment

Miss Kumar Ramani of Valluvar Children Society at Hanford Estate, Deniyaya,was felicitated at the CoDeSeP Children day Celebration for her achievement, in becoming the very first child from the Plantation Community in the Southern province ( Diocese of Galle) to be elected as the Member of the Children Parliament in the Southern Province.

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The Children day for the Members of CoDeSeP Children Societies

The Children day for the Members of CoDeSeP Children Societies was held at CoDeSeP Hall at Deniyaya on 22nd Nov.
Around 200 children of the said Children Societies participated in the Event. The Religious Leaders, the Government Officers and the Principals too graced the occasion.
The event was made colorful with many cultural items performed by the Children.

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Rev.Fr.Hubet Keafer's  visit to the Plantation Community in the Diocese of Galle.

Rev.Fr.Hubet Keafer,a Volunteer from Misereor,Germany visited the Plantation Community in the Diocese of Galle. He also paid a courtesy call on His Lordship, the Bishop of Galle and had meetings with Fr.Director & staff of both Caritas SED Galle and CoDeSeP.

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Vani Viza at Tamil Schools at Deniyaya

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A member of the CoDeSeP Children Society elected as a Treasurere of the Chidlren Assembly of the Kotopola D S Division,Deniyaya.

Miss.K.Ramani, a member of   the Valluvar Children Society at Hanford Estate,Deniyaya was elected a s the Tresurerer of the Children Assembly  in the Kotapola Divisional Secretariate.  This is the very first time that a child from the Plantation Community, has been elected for this prestigious possition.

Codesep has been implementing activities for the last nine years to promote developing Attitude, Knowledge and Skills among the children of the 20 Children Societies on the Estates in and around Deniyaya.  Codesep humbly records its contribution in the process of child development among the children of this underprivilage sector of our Society.


A special brain storming session with a Theme "Towards the Dignity of the Plantation Community"

The above session was held at CoDeSeP inorder to identify policy issues, challenges faced by the Plantation Community in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Representatives from a cross section of the society,such as Officials from Education,Health and Police departments,Principals, Teachers, Relegious Leaders, Community Leaders,Trade Unionists, Youth, Women and well wishers took part.

The main themes taken for discussion were Education & Life Education, Health & Nutrition, Land & Hosuing, Economy & Livlihood and Religious & Cultural impacts on their lives.

Similar sessions are to be conducted by the Diocesen Centres, namely Kandy, Budulla, Ratnapura, Colombo and Kurunegala, to update the present reality and social issues in connection with the Plantation People in their respective dioceses.

This was nessaciated in the process of a proposed Documentation on the Recommendations on the Social Concern of the Catholic Church for the underprivilaged Plantation Community in Sri Lanka, to be presented to the Governement of Sri Lanka for a National Policy Decision.

Serving the Unserved...
The Mission Trip of CHARIS Singapore to Caritas SED Galle and CoDeSeP in the Diocese of Galle, Sri Lanka.

A team of 16 Volunteers visited from CHARIS Singapore, visited SED Galle and CoDeSeP and took part in the construction work of 50 toilets for the low income families in the Plantation Community in Deniyaya,

Prior to the involvement in the field, they too paid a courtesy call on the Bishop of Galle, Most Rev.Raymond Wickramasinghe, who appreciated the generosity shown by them towards the disadvantaged people in the diocese, and blessed them in their future endeavors.

They were so happy and generous in sacrificing their time, money and energy to have come to Sri Lanka and be with the beneficiaries for 04 days working along with them.

A Bio Sand Project which is to purify water for drinking purpose too was implemented. The team members too organized activities for children of the same community.

SED Galle and CoDeSeP are ever grateful to CHARIS Singapore for the continued support towards the most vulnerable people in the Diocese of Galle.

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Felicitation Ceremony for Children and Youth of the Plantation Community In the Diocese of Galle.

CoDeSeP recently organized a special event to facilitate the Plantation children and youth who have excelled in the field of Education under the patronage of Rev.Fr.Michael Rajendram the director of CoDeSeP.

Among them there were 05 youth who graduated from the Sri Padha College of Education 02 youth who had obtained external graduation graduated 03 youth, 21 youth who got through the Advanced Level (A/L) Examination and 02 children who passed the Grade 05 Scholarship Examination 2014. All of these youth and children were congratulated and encouraged for better performance in the field of Education in the future.

A distribution of parcels containing Exercise books for around 300 children who are the members of the Codesep Children Societies too took place.

Many Religious Leaders, Principals and Teachers graced the occasion and students, parents and well-wishers too participated in the event. The event was made colorful with cultural dances. 

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